What type of anesthesia is used during surgery?

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asked May 27, 2017 in Eyelid Surgery by Franks

Do you have any idea what type of anesthesia is used in during the eyelid surgery? If you have any idea then please let me know.

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answered May 27, 2017 by silvesta (1,280 points)

Generally, there are two kinds of anesthesia are used during the eyelid surgery. They can be described as:

  • Local Anesthesia
  • General Anesthesia

Local Anesthesia: Office procedures are performed with local anesthesia. This may generally include small injections and eye drops under the skin in the area that requires surgery.

General Anesthesia: Surgeries performed in an ambulatory care center or hospital are generally performed with intravenous sedation administered by an anesthesiologist. There are some other surgeries like orbital procedures that are performed under general anesthesia. 

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