How To Make My Eyes Look Smoky For A Party?

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asked Aug 17, 2018 in Eye Makeup by Harky

Is there any way with the help of which I can make my eyes look smoky? I just want to make my eyes look smoky for an occasion. Can you please suggest me something? 

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answered Aug 17, 2018 by alice (1,060 points)

Well, there are several kinds of smoky eyes. The one that will fade light to dark are most possible the most difficult to achieve. However, if you are still a beginner in smoky eyes with the use of a single base color which is the best way to start. A smoky eye is achieved with any color so pick a solid color and cover the complete eyelid. After that, pick a light beige or cream color and then place it right just under the eyebrow line.

And after that, you will require a shade of brown or beige that is one or two tones darker than your skin color. Now you can place this between the brow color and the eyelid color directly under the eyebrow bone and this will allow for an awesome contoured look. Finally, take your favorite blending brush and then blend until you cannot tell when one color starts and the other one ends. 

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