How Can I Easily Apply Liquid Eyeliner On My Hooded Eyelids?

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asked Aug 17, 2018 in Eye Makeup by Jaclin

Do you have any idea how can I apply liquid eyeliner on my hooded eyes. Since I have hooded eyelids and I have to go for a party and so I want to apply liquid eyeliner on my hooded eyelids but I am not getting the right way to apply the eyeliner. 

1 Answer

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answered Aug 17, 2018 by silvesta (1,280 points)

Do not start your quest with the liquid liner without using any perfect gel liner first unless you have the steady hands of a surgeon. This gel gives you a dark sharp line of a liquid but it is more forgiving with errors. It is important to make sure that your eyelid is half open when you apply and start off by connecting sort dashes across the eyelash line so that you can achieve a straight line. After you are comfortable with your gel, the application of liquid liners will exactly come to you easier than you think. 

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