How Can I Tighten Loose Skin On Upper Eyelids With Facial Exercises?

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asked Oct 4, 2018 in Eyelid Issues by Harry

Is there any facial exercises that I can apply to tighten loose skin on upper eyelids. Actually, one of my friends told me to try facial exercises so that can my loose skin will become tighten. But, the thing is that I am not getting the right exercises for this purpose. If you know such facial exercises then please let me know. 

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answered Oct 4, 2018 by stella (620 points)

If you find that you have loose skin on upper eyelids and want to tighten it then you should definitely try these below facial exercises.

Exercise #1: Wide Eyes Exercise

In this facials exercise, you need to lie on the bed and then out the head on the side hanging slightly. After this, raise the eyebrows as much as you can and then open the eyes widely.

Exercise #2: Reverse Eyelids Lift

In this exercise, you will be required to pace the index finger on the eyebrows and gently press the finger downward. During this, try to lift the eyebrows to upward.

Exercise #3: Eyebrow Lifting

For this exercise, you have to place your index finger beneath the eyebrows and press the fingers upwards gently. Now close the eyelids and maintain the pressure. Try to hold this contraction for a few seconds and then release it.

Try all these facial exercises to tighten the skin on upper eyelids. All these are very effective and if you want to try more facial exercises then you can take help from the below blog:

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