Can anyone suggest the best way to apply eyeshadow on hooded eyes?

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asked Jul 11, 2018 in Eye Makeup by anonymous
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Are there any best tips to apply eye shadow on hooded eyes? If you have any idea then please suggest me because I am not getting the right way to apply eye shadow on hooded eyes.

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answered Jul 11, 2018 by stella (620 points)

Well, if you want to know what you can do to apply eye shadow on hooded eyes then you can go through the below makeup tips. These tips will help you know how to apply eyeshadow on hooded eyes:

Tip #1: Apply eye makeup with open eyes

It would be better if you apply eye makeup with your eyes open because it can be very difficult to find out the natural crease with closed eyes.

Tip #2: Apply Eyeshadow as a Straight Line

If you are a beginner at applying eye shadow then you should try this foolproof straight-line technique. For this, you have to take a handkerchief and then place it on the outer corner of the nose to your eyebrows. This will give hooded eyelids the illusion of lifted eyes.

Tip #3: Apply Eyeshadow Above The Crease

When it comes to apply makeup on hooded eyes, you have to apply the eye shadow just above where you have marked your crease as contrasting in the natural fold of the eyelid.

Tip #4: Try Cutting The Crease

You can also try to cut the crease with eye shadow. It can easily transform the hooded eyelid into a makeup masterpiece.

Tip #5: Invest in waterproof mascara

If you have hooded eyes then you should try waterproof mascara. The eyelashes often touch in the eyebrow bone. So, do not use mascara that will smudge. Apart from this, long eyelashes open up hooded eyes in instant.

Try all these makeup tips and know how you can apply eye shadow on hooded eyes. These are very easy to apply and you do not need any professional help to apply the makeup tips.

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